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2013 Schedule

August 9, 9am-3pm
005 Accolade East Building
York University, Keele Campus

8:30-9am Registration (coffee and snacks available)
9-9:10am Opening Remarks 

Content Strategy and the PSE Sector: Presentation & Workshop
The “Content Strategy” buzzword is gaining steam but are universities prepared to pay more attention to website content then to design or architecture? This session will go over the basics of what content strategy is, how to implement some of the techniques and tactics as a starting point and what it could mean for your website and publications. It will also cover why some critics think content strategy is a waste of time. You'll walk away with a list of pros, cons and resources for taking on your own content strategy. 
Presented by Laura D'Amelio, Senior Content Developer, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications and Nick Valentino, Manager, New Media, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications

10:20-10:30am Break (drinks and snacks available)

8 Steps to OSAP: A new approach to web content
We launched a new WordPress-based OSAP website in April 2013. The site conforms to an overall web communications strategy of empowering York students with online self-service tools. The site structure presents the entire OSAP process as a series of smaller steps, thus allowing first-time applicants to find thorough guidance and returning applicants to find more specific information.
Presented by Molly Morris, Assistant Registrar, Registrarial Information Services


An Army of Students: Leveraging Student Talents to Create Stellar Content and Showcase Campus Community
In 2011, Glendon launched its first-ever team of student brand ambassadors—or #TeamAwesome, as they like to call themselves—to assist our small staff team with authentically highlighting examples of campus engagement to current and prospective students. Having just wrapped our sophomore year, our program is so much more than “just” blogs; the team has been using their talents to connect and build community on YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Storify, and Tumblr. This session will review best practices for training, management, and editorial schedules; as well, will review lessons learned and unexpected community impacts. 
Presented by Courtney Mallam, Print & New Media Specialist, Glendon Campus Student Recruitment

Noon-1pm Lunch Break (on your own)

Residence Life: Coordinated online messaging
Residence Life has been quick to embrace new means to share content to our various stakeholders (e.g. residents, York community), but in the summer of 2013 an effort was made to develop an overarching communication plan to better coordinate our messaging. Our plan includes its purpose, objectives, stakeholders and primary messages. We identified our communication platforms: website, Facebook, Twitter, YU Connect, email, student staff blogs and with each of those how they would be maintained, integrated and initial goals. As Residence Life aims to foster student development and create a positive first-year experience, we are guiding our messaging using learning outcomes and objectives with Alf Lizzio's five senses model as a framework.
Presented by Daryl Nauman, Assistant Director, Residence Life and Mitch Burnie, Coordinator, Residence Life


How Content Strategy Supports Issues Management
Issues arise as a matter of course in our business. From communicating about a last-minute extended application deadlines to challenges with course selection or rainstorms of biblical proportions, we often have to get messages out to a variety of audiences within a very short timeframe. This session will explore how content strategy can support and strengthen communication around issues and help to resolves them, educate and inform so that they don't arise again, and monitor and report to provide data and closure.
Goals of the session include:
1. Identify what constitutes an "issue" and how to manage, monitor and report
2. Describe the process for managing, monitoring and reporting
3. Provide a template for issues management
Presented by Donna Cope, Director, Print & E-Media Communications, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications and Meghan Kilty, Content Specialist, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications


Content Strategy + Storytelling = Happily Ever After
Narrative-driven content experiences have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Why? A compelling story adds value to your product or service and makes it easier for users to understand what you’re trying to communicate. Mapping out the long-term story of your company or brand requires some extra thought and planning, but doing so will better ensure that every piece of content you develop will reinforce your key messages. Using various examples, Ryan will explain how to inject some “Once upon a time…” into your approach to content strategy.
Presented by Ryan Bigge, a Toronto-based Content Strategist, Creative Technologist and an award-winning Storyteller. Ryan is also a graduate of the York-Ryerson Master's of Communication & Culture.