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2013 Resources

Content Strategy and the PSE Sector (PDF)
Presented by Laura D'Amelio, Senior Content Developer, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications and Nick Valentino, Manager, New Media, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications

Building a new York OSAP website (PDF)
Presented by Molly Morris, Assistant Registrar, Registrarial Information Services

An Army of Students (PDF) or view online at Slideshare
Presented by Courtney Mallam, Print & New Media Specialist, Glendon Campus Student Recruitment 

Residence Life Coordinated Online Messaging (PDF)
Presented by Daryl Nauman, Assistant Director, Residence Life and Mitch Burnie, Coordinator, Residence Life

How Content Strategy Supports Issues Management (PDF)
Presented by Donna Cope, Director, Print & E-Media Communications, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications and Meghan Kilty, Content Specialist, Office of Vice-Provost Students Communications

Content Strategy + Storytelling = Happily Ever After (PDF)
Presented by Ryan Bigge, a Toronto-based Content Strategist, Creative Technologist and an award-winning Storyteller. Ryan is also a graduate of the York-Ryerson Master's of Communication & Culture.